#Cleanupyouract with Sephora Cleansers

Wednesday 30 March 2016

The first step and the most important step in any skincare routine is a cleanser, If you do not cleanse your face properly all your other skincare products will not be able to work to there full potential. Cleansing your skin doesn't just take off your makeup but if you are using the right product it will also get into your pores to remove excess dirt build up and impurities which will help your skin look its best and let all your other skincare products be absorbed. March has been the month of cleansers over a Sephora and  with a wide variety of choices I am here to talk about a few of them to help you find the perfect cleanser for you and #cleanupyouract...

Perfume Atomizers

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Like most girls I love my perfumes and I also like to top it up during the day when it is needed or I just feel like a bit of a spritz. When I first found perfume atomizers I was so happy as I have always lugged my perfume bottle around in my bag in the past and either the lid would come off and I would end up wasting it or something on the pretty bottle would break, plus the added weight of the bottle as we all know they can be pretty heavy and add unnecessary weight to our bags specially with all those lipsticks and glosses rolling around in the bottom of our bags. I have tried a few different atomizers over the past few years and want to share the pros and cons of the different styles I have used...

Face Baking!

Thursday 3 March 2016

There always seems to be some new trend in the beauty world just after we have mastered one the next new it thing comes out that everyone is doing and I'm hear today to talk about baking... No not cookies and cakes but face baking...

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