Summer Must Haves

Monday 15 December 2014

Well with summer coming up I thought I would show you all what I have on my summer must have list and will be using as the weather here starts to warm up...

Sunscreen - The most essential product for summer, I really believe you should Slip, Slop & Slap when in the sun. My mother has had skin cancer and a few big ones taken out over the years and without going into to much detail please just remember it may not happen now but it will eventually happen so wear a hat, sunscreen and keep yourself covered while out enjoying the sun. I personally love the Le Tan Coconut lotion (Hello it smells like coconut!!!) its also SPF30+.

Facial Mist - I love using a facial mist when the weather gets warmer as it adds moisture back into my skin and leaves it feeling less tight and dry. It also aids in cooling me down and keeping me feeling refreshed. This Puretopia facial mist is one that I have been loving.

Chapstick - Another essential for me is applying an SPF lip balm to my lips. There is nothing I hate more then chapped or burnt lips, I cannot stand the feeling and it hurts! so I always make sure I have on with me. This one is by Chapstick and it has SPF15 in it.

Nail Polish - I love light/pastel or bright colours for summer it just screams summer to me. I have really been enjoying the Maybelline Super Stay nail polishes as they seem to last a lot longer on my finger nails. The formula is great and easy to apply and the colour range is also lovely.

BB Cream - Well if you have been following me for awhile you will know I am a bb cream nut and summer if I'm wearing any makeup at all it will be a bb cream. Not only are they a lot lighter on the skin there a few that also have SPF in them which is an added bonus. I personally have been loving the Chi Chi super bb cream and it comes with SPF30.

Blush - Cream blush is my summer blush as its easy to apply and it seems to last longer on my skin throughout the day. The one pictured is one I got for free with a magazine by Napoleon Perdis and it looks great with every look.

Lips - A bright lip is always a winner for summer, as I generally wear minimal makeup during summer a bright lips always pulls it all together. Myself I love lip stains as they last a long time without the need of reapplying. The two above are Too Faced melted lipstick and Rimmel Provocalips.

What is your summer must haves?

Nicole xo

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