Afterglow Body Scrub

Monday 16 February 2015

I was lucky enough to receive this body scrub from Abby from Afterglow in Coconut & Vanilla to try out...

First things first it smells amazing I'm a huge fan of coconut and vanilla scents so I was pretty much sold upon sniffing. I'm also very keen on body scrubs so I was eager to give it ago.

I have been using this scrub for awhile now and I love it, it gives your body a really good exfoliation and the oils in it keeps your skin feeling silky smooth. Unlike some scrubs on the market that I have tried this one actually feels like I have exfoliated instead of just wasting product. It really buffs your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and clean. Its not overly harsh either I think it is just right for me as I can feel the scrub but its not ripping my skin haha.

All Scrubs are made using all natural ingredients including coconut oil, raw sugar and rock salt. Also they are all handmade in Australia. They come in a range of different scents including Hot Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Coconut & Tea, Coconut & Vanilla, Coconut & Mint, Coconut & Lime and plain Coconut so there is a scent for everybody.

If you love a good exfoliating scrub then I really suggest you check out this scrub you can purchase it from for $15.00 each or you can also get sample size bags for $2.00each. 

Have you tried this scrub? What were your thoughts leave me a comment below.

Nicole xo

* Products were gifted to me for consideration, all opinions are my own and I will always give my honest opinion.


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