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Tuesday 24 March 2015

There are some new masks on the block and they have a great range for all your skincare needs and are cheap!

I had a little pamper session with these two masks a couple of weeks ago and I loved them.

Anti-Spot & Pore Refining Face Mask* - This mask is supposed to help clear spots & blemishes, reduce redness and clean & refine pores. It has tea Tree and Salicylic Acid to help with blemishes and Witch Hazel that helps to tighten pores. Now as I only used one of these masks all I can tell you is that after I had it on my face for 20 mins I noticed that it did reduce my redness made my skin feel feel very plump and beautiful. I will be getting a couple more of these to try out on blemishes when they pop up. Overall a great face mask for a pamper session and to help calm your skin down. RRP $7.99 each

Hand Repair 20 Minute Treatment* - This hand mask is gorgeous and with the colder months coming up its going to be an essential for me to keep my hands feeling soft and moisturised. If you have never tried a hand mask before I do suggest you pamper your self and get one as they do wonders for your hands and you will be surprised at how great your hands look and feel after. This mask contains Shea Butter & Vitamin C so it really does nourish your hands and leave them feeling silky smooth and helps repair dryness. RRP $7.99 each

If you don't have problems with blemishes I would still pop over and check out their wide range of masks as they will have something for you. The range includes Facial masks, Eye masks, Neck masks, Hand masks and also masks for your feet.

You can purchase these masks from the Skin Republic website here or they can be found at Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist. 

What are your favourite masks to use?

Nicole xo

* Products were gifted to me for consideration, all opinions are my own and I will always give my honest opinion.


  1. Thank you for the review,.. I'm tempted to try "Hand Repair 20 Minute Treatment" mask.

    1. The hand mask is fantastic your hands will defiantly love you for it:)

  2. Thank you for the review,.. I'm tempted to try "Hand Repair 20 Minute Treatment" mask.


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