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Monday 13 April 2015

I was lucky enough to get to try out this organic skin care range from Delicious Skin, it is made here in Australia and is handmade in small amounts from organic products. All the products smell amazing and if you love chocolate like me you will love this range...

I have been using these products for a few weeks now as my night time routine and as I mentioned before they smell so good you just want to eat your face (or maybe that is just me!). The products are all natural from natural ingredients are 100% Vegan and have never been tested on animals and are actually healthy for your skin.

Clean Butter Cleanser - This cleanser reminds me of the Clinique cleansing balm (review here) it has the same sort of consistency and melts your makeup down. It is silky smooth and very luxurious. I take a small amount and rub between my fingers to melt it down and rub it over my face and let it sit for a while, I usually take it off in the shower with warm water.

Supple Silk Serum - I have just started to get into the whole oil/serum thing so I was happy to see a serum in this range. I apply two pumps all over my face and neck and it just sinks into your skin and also feels silky smooth.

Soft Moisturising Cream - After the serum I use this moisturiser and again only a small amount over my face and neck. This moisturiser is very hydrating and is oil based so it does take a little bit longer to sink into your skin but after it has you can feel the difference. With both the serum and moisturiser on my face it just makes me feel very clean and refreshed along with my skin feeling very hydrated.

Silky Lip Balm - As you may know I am a bit of a lip balm junkie if you read my Lip Balm 101 post here or some of my other post you will know I love me a good balm. I got this this lip balm in the Cocoa & Vanilla and oh my it smells so bloody good!!! (It actually doesn't taste to bad either!) It is a very hydrating lip balm and it is oil based as well so it sinks into your lips and makes a great lip base before you apply your lipstick as it just helps them glide on.

Smooth Exfoliating Mask - Love this mask, it is a natural clay mask you mix with water and apply to your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. It unclogs your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh and oh so clean. After I take it off I generally follow with the rest of my skin care.

I have been using these products at night as the serum & moisturiser are made with oil so they take awhile to sink into my face but by morning my skin has drank it all up and is feeling very hydrated and supple. I have not had any bad experiences with this range my skin has actually been looking fantastic my redness has reduced and it feels so hydrated and loved.I really recommend this line if you are looking for something that is hydrating or a more natural skin care range. Just remember a little amount goes a long way with this skincare range.

What are your thoughts on natural skincare, are you all for it or not worried about it?

Nicole xo

* Products were gifted to me for consideration, all opinions are my own and I will always give my honest opinion.


  1. So lucky, this range looks lovely!
    I think natural skincare is important, because when you think about it skin is the largest organ and it absorbs chemicals into our bloodstream... scary isn't it?! I'd love to smell these goodies, especially the lip balm (I love vanilla!).

    Daniela |

    1. I also love vanilla, the whole range just smells divine.
      I never really thought much into what I was putting on my skin and your totally right it absorbs everything! I think now that I have more of a concept on things and I have gotten a bit older I am more aware and conscious of what I buy and use.

  2. Oh I love this skincare collection too. My favourite product from the lot would be the cleanser. It makes my skin sooooo soft!!!

    Bec - x

    1. I know what you mean it is lovely I particularly love the Silk Serum as I find this leaves my skin super soft actually everything in the range does haha and the smell is just Ahhmazing! xx


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