Fing'rs Ombre Nail Kit

Monday 2 June 2014

I received this little nail kit in the Priceline beauty bag and thought I would give it ago...

Now I'm not really great at nail art but I did have a go. The Set comes with 5 nail polishes a little sponge and the directions are on the side of the box.
First step was to paint your nails with two coats of the lightest shade.

Second step was to wet the sponge so it does not suck up all the nail polish then paint the remaining four shades of purple in a line after each other as pictured below.

Third step place the sponge over your nail to create the ombre effect then clean up around your fingers with nail polish remover.
Below is the finished nails, now my nails didn't exactly turn out ombre but overall I think they turned out really well and I am happy with the effect I got. I think I may have had to much water in my sponge and not enough nail polish but I will have another go at this at some point.

All the nail polish colours were really pretty and would also look great on there own. The nail polish went on my nails really easy and I will get a lot of use out of them.

The pack from Priceline is $12.99

I think its a great little pack even if you don't get the look on the box you do get 5 mini nail polishes in great shades and can create your own look.

Have you had a go at the Ombre nail look?

Nicole xo


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