Manicare Nail Polish Remover Pads

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Maybe not interesting to some, but I do like a good nail polish remover and when I noticed this at Priceline I quickly grabbed it...

This little container holds 32 nail polish remover pads that are coconut scented (Coconut!) I love coconut scents so this was the main reason for this purchase. I was expecting these pads to still have the strong nail polish remover smell but I was pleasantly surprised when I first used them that they did actually smell like coconut.
After using them to take my nail polish off I noticed that they left a slight oil residue on my nails which was great as I have dry cuticles and it was an added bonus to have that moisturising factor from a nail polish remover.

They were very easy to use and didn't take long to remove all my polish, I only used two pads as you can see and loved using them. I think these come in real handy specially if you travel a lot or want to take your nail polish off on a train or plane there will not be any strong smells to disturb people. And the little container they come in makes them handy to chuck in your makeup bag and take with you any where.

I got mine from Priceline here for $4.99

Have you tried any nail polish remover pads?
Nicole xo

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