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Tuesday 1 July 2014

I did a post about my handbag essentials here, so I thought I would also share what I keep in my makeup bag...

Like my handbag I probably carry to much but as I mentioned its what I feel is essential to me and will differ from person to person.

1) Makeup Brushes, These are the brushes I carry all the time they are all retractable to they do not get damaged and they are compact. The light pink one is from too faced and I use this for powder, the big one in the middle is from Real Techniques and it is for blush, bronzer or powder and the little one is a lip brush. All these brushes are great quality and are super soft and I just love them to bits.

2) Blotting Paper, I am an oily girl so these little babies are essential to me. This is a bobbi brown pouch that I purchased off of eBay a few years ago. pretty much every brand has there own blotting papers so they are easily found.

3) Perfume, I love me some perfume so I always carry little perfumes with me. These three have different scents in them I usually go between two different scents during the working week so the two on the right are my everyday perfumes and the one on the right has a more night time scent in it just in case.

4) Powder, As I mentioned before I am an oily girl so I need to carry a powder with me just to go over my T zone half way through the day. These are a few of my favourites I usually just chuck in the one I put on that morning into my bag before I leave the house.

5) Nail file, I hate having a chipped nail so I always carry a nail file with me otherwise I would end up ripping my nail off or start biting it.

6) Setting Spray, I carry a little mini setting spray with me just to refresh or take away the powder look from my makeup.

7) Moisuriser, As I'm always short for time sometimes I find myself leaving the house without having moiturised so I have a mini moisturiser in my bag for this particular reason. This is just one I have at the moment all the mini samples come in real handy.

8) Mascara, Just in case haha its a mini so it doesn't take up much room and it is handy to have in case I have forgotten to put mascara on or want to reapply.

9) Hair Ties, Obviously these are just always around and do not need explaining I may want to put my hair up haha.

10) Lip Balm, As mentioned in my handbag essentials I am a lip balm nut so I always have one in my makeup bag as well and these are a few of my favourites that I always have with me.

I also carry what ever lip product I have on that day and sometimes if I know I will be going out after work I will pop in a small eye shadow palette or anything I will need to refresh my makeup or change the look.

Leave a comment below of your makeup bag essentials.

Nicole xo

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