My Handbag Essentials

Thursday 3 July 2014

I thought I would share a little sneak peak into my handbag and the essential things that I always carry in it...

I love watching what's in my bag videos on YouTube and looking at photos on Instagram, Maybe because I'm nosey and I like to see what people carry but it gives me ideas to things I might need in my bag.

1) Hair brush, I have long hair and it gets tangled easy so I like to have a small compact brush to whip out and use if I need to. This cute leopard print brush is from Tangleteezer it has a cap on the bottom so the bristles do not get bent or damaged while its in my bag and I just adore it. I purchased mine from Feel Unique but Priceline here in Australia are now carrying this brand.

2) Hand Sanitiser, I am OCD when it comes to having clean hands and if I'm out somewhere and cannot wash my hands when I feel the need to I reach for this little baby. It comes in handy specially as my partner and I go out to places that do not always have facility's so I know I am covered. I purchased this little guy off of eBay but there are heaps of different hand sanitisers out there now.

3) Baby Wipes/Face Wipes, For the same reasons as above but also if I need to remove makeup or if I have been to Priceline (I'm sure you all know what I mean!).

4) Glasses Cleaner, I wear prescription glasses and sunglasses a lot and a pet peeve is having dirty glasses. I like to carry this little bottle around just in case I need it and it doesn't take up much room in my bag. I cannot remember where I got this from I think it was some sunglasses shop but they are easily found.

5) Lip Balm, Now this is a big essential for me I have to have 1-10 lip balms in my bag and in the car and all over the house :) I hate having chapped lips or wind burn lips so any lip balm is better then none. Above is just a few of my favourites.

6) Notebook & Pen, I always forget things so I keep a small notebook and pen in my bag so I can write things down if it is something I want to get, a blog post idea, somewhere I want to go or just need to write a shopping list. They always come in handy and do not take up much room.

7) Hand Cream, I love a good hand cream and like lip balms I have one everywhere I hate having dry hands but I also hate hand creams that make my hands feel oily or greasy. Above is the one that I have on the go at the moment. My beauty box subscriptions come in handy as I always seem to have mini hand creams which are a great size for handbags.

8) Mints, Bad breath is not cute! I always carry mints or gum with me for after a meal or just if I feel I need one. The ones above are my favourite.

9) Deodorant, like bad breath BO is also not attractive and I keep a small travel deodorant with me just in case I need it or find myself out all day and need to freshen up.

10) Lady Products, now I won't go into detail about this all us girls know what I'm talking about. I keep everything in this tin so it's all put away and my fiancé doesn't get a shock when he is rummaging around in my bag.

That is pretty much all the little bits and bobs I carry in my hand bag along with a makeup bag, wallet, phone and keys. I have been told I carry to much in my bag but hey I have to carry it and I always seem to use it!

What are your handbag essentials? leave me a comment below - I may have missed something I need :)

Nicole xo


  1. I really liked reading this post ☺ my handbag has very similar essentials inside. I love your tangleteezer! So cute xx

  2. Tangle Teaser is a must!!
    xo Holly xo



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