Makeup Setting Sprays

Thursday 16 October 2014

If you follow me on Instagram then you would know I post a lot of my FOTD/MOTD pictures but I rarely post the setting spray I use. I use a setting spray every time I apply my make up just for the overall effect and the way it helps my makeup last. I have below listed the ones I am currently using...

Mario Badescu Facial Spray - This stuff smells so good it has aloe, herbs and rosewater in it and it is so soothing and takes the power look away and keeps my makeup in place. I also use this as just a spritzer if I'm not wearing makeup I will spray it on my face for the relaxing benefits and to add moisture to my skin.

Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray- This spray I have only used a few times as I find it a little bit sticky, however it does work and keeps my makeup in place and helps with taking the powder look away.

MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist - This spray is probably the one I use on a more regular basis it gives out a great even mist and doesn't have much of a scent and just really helps with making my makeup less powdery and setting it in place.

Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz - Another rosewater spritzer I will use this the same as the Mario Badescu one when I do not have makeup on as it smells great and its refreshing. I find this doesn't really do much in the way of keeping my makeup in place but it does help get rid of the powder look.

What is your favourite setting spray?

Nicole xo


  1. I actually have always used MAC Fix+ to set my makeup and since the formula recently changed I am on the look out for new setting sprays.

    The Mario Badescu Facial Spray on your list seems like one I will give a try first, especially after you said you have used it even on its own. Anything with relaxing benefits, im all for it :-)
    Great selection, thanks for sharing :-) xo

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