Swisse Hand Cream

Thursday 1 May 2014

I hadn't heard of the Swisse hand cream before I received it through a beauty box subscription (BellaBox)...


*Photo from Bella Box (my partner put my empty tube in the bin! How dare he, I need to keep my rubbish for awhile lol)

I have been using this hand cream for the past month religiously before I go to bed and sometimes during the day if needed. 

On the tube is says "A rich, nourishing hand cream with a quick dry down and non greasy finish." 

I agree with most of this it does dry quickly and I do find it very nourishing and moisturising, I do however find it a little bit greasy. Before bed I don't mind as I'm going to sleep and not doing anything with my hands but to use it during the day it's a bit greasy on the fingertips which makes using a pen difficult haha.

Don't get me wrong it's not overly greasy and it doesn't stay greasy for ages. I do really like this hand cream and I would purchase it (if I didn't already have 12 other hand creams waiting to be used).

It has a nice smell to it as it has pomegranate in it but it is not overwhelming. 

Also on the tube " Vitamin F provides omega 3 & 6 to help preserve the skin's natural barrier to environmental impact while pomegranate oils improve skin texture". 

Overall this is a great hand cream and I would definatly recommend it and would get it again myself (and proberbly will!).

You can get a 100ml tube for $14.95 or a 500ml bottle for $29.95 from Chemist Warehouse. 

What is your favorite hand cream?

Nicole xo 

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