Fuse Gelnamel - Starter Kit

Friday 16 May 2014

So when it comes to nails I am not really fancy and I hate waiting for them to dry (I always dent them) so when I saw that Fuse was having a sale for their starter kits I was jumping on that straight away.

The Fuse gelnamel is suppose to cut down a lot of time, you do not need to use a base coat or a top coat and you only need one coat of polish followed by just 30 seconds of drying time per nail. So I fell in love and ordered the starter kit (I got Gone Fission).

The starter kit arrived and I also received a free Australis pout paste (Thanks Fuse!), the kit includes - 1x Fuse led lamp, 1x gel cleanser, 1x gelnamel, 1x packet of wipes, 1x manicure stick and instructions.

I followed the instructions on the pamphlet and did one nail at a time. The gelnamel is very easy to apply just like nail polish but a little bit thicker and it is self levelling, the led light is a great size you could take it with you anywhere and do your nails at any time plus it has a handy USB end so you can plug it into your computer as well as the wall. I was very impressed that once I pulled my nail out after the 30 seconds under the blue light they were dry (WhooHoo!) that is fantastic a big tick next to this so far.

*Finished look

Now I am in no means gentle with my nails I'm always using my hands and nails for everything so I am very rough. I was pleasantly surprised that after 1 week with the gel polish on there was no sign of wear. All my polish has stayed put and I'm sure it would have lasted to the end of week two, but I took mine off and have now painted them a new colour.

*Dont take any notice of the chipping on my ring finger I did this to see how the polish comes off and how it is different to normal nail polish :)

Overall I would highly recommend this product if you love a long lasting nail polish that will take no time to put on and look great 1-2 weeks down the track. Just make sure you do follow the instructions and buff each nail before hand so that the polish does stick to your nail bed.

As mentioned before I bought mine off of the Fuse website here and the starter kits are $49.99.

I have now ordered a new colour in E-Motion (A purple colour) I got this from Target for $14.99 and you can also get them from the Fuse website and Priceline.

Have you tried any of the new Gel polish kits?

Nicole xo


  1. 1 coat? With just 30 seconds drying time? That definitely sounds too good to be true! haha Are you going to be getting any of the other colours they sell?

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Hi Deb, Yes I know that's what I thought before I purchased it but I am still loving it! I have bought another colour already :) I got the purple colour (e-motion) it is a beautiful shade. I have posted pictures on my Instagram if you are interested.


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