Lanolips Rose Hand Balm - Intense

Friday 9 May 2014

As mentioned in my last post with winter fast approaching I seem to be reaching for more hand creams and lip treatments to prevent my skin from drying out and lips chapping.

The Lanolips rose hand balm intense is what I have been applying lately. I have heard a lot of good things about Lanolips but never tried any of their products. I bought this cream a few months ago but didn't really like it all to much when I first started using it, but now that the weather has changed and the ugg boots have come out of the closet I have been loving this hand cream.

It has a rose fragrance that I love specially after a shower just before bed I find it soothing and fall asleep straight away. The tube its self is a gorgeous pink colour (and we all now how I love pink!) the hand cream is very thick and coats your hand nicely and moisturises not only your hands but also your cuticles. I have actually been using this hand cream on my feet, just before bed I put a good amount all over my feet and focus on my heels (my heels are really cracked at the moment) then put on my bed socks and the next morning my feet are super soft and the cracks in my heels are a lot better.

If your looking for a thick hand cream that is actually going to moisturise your hands and not just leave them greasy then I would recommend checking out this hand cream.

Overall this hand cream has been fantastic and has a lot more uses then just moisturising your hands and cuticles. I got mine from Priceline here for $15.99. I'm looking forward to trying out more items from this brand.

Do you have a favorite Lanolips product?

Nicole xo


  1. I had no idea that Lanolips made hand balms as well. I'm loving rose scented products at the moment so I'll have to check this one out :)

    1. So do I, anything Rose, Vanilla, Lavender or Coconut I'm in and it must be mine! hahaha Hope you love it. :)

  2. Girl you need to get your hands on their lip balms!! Luv them! I have a couple of the tinted ones, and Lemon-Aide...brilliant!! Lou xo

    1. I know! I have heard so many people talk about the Lemon-Aide lip balm. I will have to keep an eye out for it and pick it up :)


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