Luxcurly Curling Wand

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been trying out the Luxcurly auto rotating curling wand and I have to say as a time poor lazy girl I had almost given up on curling my hair until this little guy arrived in my life...

The Luxcurly has been a god send for me when it comes to curling my hair, It has an auto rotating arm so you really do not have to do much just clip your hair in and press a button. The simplicity of this product is fantastic and it just makes curling your hair less of a chore. I wish I had taken photos of before I had cut my hair, as my hair was almost down to my bottom and I used this curling wand to do my hair and could not believe how easy it was and quick compared to me normally doing it with anything else.

Now that I have shorter hair it could not be any easier and quicker for me to get the gorgeous hair I love and as mentioned before for someone who is a tad on the lazy side and doesn't have much time in the morning to get ready this is just fantastic. I have the Luxcurly Natural so the barrel is a bit larger compared to its sister the Classic. I personally love the larger barrel as I prefer my curls to be a bit more natural looking and not tight. This curler does a great job at creating the perfect curl with minimal effort.

Some of the Luxcurly's features are a digital display that lights up once on so you are able to set your temperature (heats up to 220), a 360 degree swivel cord that is fantastic as it doesn't get caught up on anything, a little built in stand so while on and hot it cannot burn your bench top. Plus the auto rotating wand with easy to use push buttons. It really does not get any easier then this girls!

Sorry for the poor quality photo.
As you can see from the photo above the Luxcurly has put a beautiful natural looking curl into my locks. I have fallen deeply in love with this curling wand and do not know what I would do with out it any more. If you are time poor, a tad lazy or a bit of a beginner when it comes to curling your hair or all of the above like me :) I really do suggest you check out this curling wand it will defiantly become a game changer.

You can purchase Luxcurly straight from their website here and they retail for $119.00 AUD

I would love to know your thoughts or if you have used the Luxcurly before, please leave me a comment below.
* Products were gifted to me for consideration, all opinions are my own and I will always give my honest opinion.


  1. You look stunning Nicole! I've never tried an actual curler (I've always used my straightener) but this sounds so easy to use! Fab review x

    Daniela |

  2. Looks interesting, will have to check it out! Great review x


  3. I am obsessed with my Luxcurly!! Your hair looks gorgeous. I love the look that the bigger barrel gives. X

    Bec ||

    1. Thank you lovely, I love it too but I did love the tighter curl you had in your photo it looks more put together then this one. xx

  4. Your hair looks great! I love the look and sound of this curling wand. I am pretty lazy myself and do not do a great deal with my hair I might have to have a look into this!

    Tara xo

    1. Thanks Lovely, it really is a great time saver and so easy to use. xx

  5. Your hair looks great with hair extensions! I love the look and sound of this curling wand. I am pretty lazy myself and do not do a great deal with my hair I might have to have a look into this!


  6. Hey, Thanks for sharing your experience on hair extensions.


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