Rimmel Brow This Way - Review

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Today I am reviewing/talking about the new Rimmel Brow this way brow products that have now been released. I was fortunate enough to receive some of the new brow gels and brow duos and can now tell you how they stand up and if they are worth the purchase...

First up I am going to talk about the brow gels as these are my personal favourites. I love a good brow gel as they are quick and easy to use do the job I require them to do and take no time at all to put on. I have compared brow gels before here if you would like to see some more different ones, but now onto these new Rimmel brow gels. 

There is four different shades a clear, blonde, medium brown & a dark brown. The brush is small enough to comb through your brows perfectly without making a mess and the gel has a great consistency and colour pigment. I have been using the medium brown the last week or so and have been loving it. I find that it is very similar to my L'Oreal Brow Artist that I have spoken about before and also love. If you love a natural looking brow or do not have time to fill your brows in then this is a great product to use, It will add a bit of colour which will then make your brows appear fuller and also set them in place for the day so they do not stray or wonder around. I have heard a few people say that they had issues with these not setting their brows in place but I have not had this issue. I have short and not overly thick brows and these gels do a great job for them.

The compact brow duo consists of a wax and a powder, very similar to the ELF brow kit you can fill in your brows and define them with the powder or tinted wax. The wax also helps to keep them in place. I love my Elf brow kit and this little duo is just as good, the compact design is fantastic for travel or keeping it in your makeup bag as it does not take up much room and the packaging is secure enough that you will not get product everywhere. The brushes are a tad small for me and I didn't use them but they would be alright for touch ups on the go. If you prefer to fill your brows in more and then set them in place this little duo would be great for you as you have everything you need in one compact. I used the powder to fill in a bit of the sparseness on my brows and then went in with the wax to define them more and add more colour.

What are your thoughts on this new range? I would also love to know what your fave brow products are to use, please leave a comment below.

 * Products were gifted to me for consideration, all opinions are my own and I will always give my honest opinion.


  1. I was sent the dark brown duo and the clear gel. The duo's waxy side is nice but the powder is slightly warm for my liking... such a shame! xx

    Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net

    1. I know what you mean the powder is a tad on the warmer side but it still works nicely. Thanks hun xx

  2. I agree with Daniela, I love the wax in the dark brown but the powder is a tad warm - still useable though! I really like the dark brown gel too :))

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Thanks Tash, I really like the gel the best myself and use the powder/wax now and then. But I do agree with you and Daniela that it is a tad warm but still applies nice. xx

  3. I have not tried these yet but I have the L'Oreal brow gel and really like it so I may have to try out the Rimmel one :)

    Tara xo


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